The Barber Shop Marketing is a premier advertising think tank consisting of award-winning designers, plugged-in technical geniuses, social media masters, commercial production powerhouses, and web development gurus based in Dallas. The Barber Shop Marketing has been awarded one of the top 25 advertising agencies by the Dallas Business Journal in 2019

our story

Our founder, Liz Barber, had one vision back in 2003: give local businesses the same advertising expertise enjoyed by the big-name brands. We quickly overcame this goal and have since grown to proudly deliver our agency prowess nationwide.

your success is our success

Return on investment is something we consistently measure against when tailoring any campaign. We take your budget and bottom line into consideration to successfully put you at the top rather than in the hole. Technique and finesse, plus proper implementation, equals lasting results. We use the savviest of minds (including yours) to see beyond market share and secure the mind share of your audience. This personalized application for every concept distributes effective, creative solutions.

why work with us?

We deliver high quality, creative advertising solutions. Whether you need a brand clean up, have something holding you back, or want to build from scratch, we’ll give you that perfect cut and style. As brand ambassadors, we’ll be your one-stop-shop for all your advertising and promotional needs.

We’re small, and that makes us different. The typical advertising agency cannot offer clients the value we do: full attention. Our interdisciplinary team of creative and resourceful thinkers build effective strategies while providing consistent availability and reliability, all in-house.

Because the consumer journey is complex, we are always a step ahead. We‘re experts at blending traditional and creative media and we’re conscious of implementing the most innovative procedures and techniques. This allows us to tailor strategies that participate and connect with the consumer in the always weaving-and-bobbing, technological world.