Spotlight: The Traffic Manager.

Meet Clancey Clarke. She’s fluent in Wing Dings, has a La Croix addiction, and is the mom of a sweet pup called Oliver. She also keeps everyone’s heads above water. That’s pretty important.

So, what’s a Traffic Manager (TM) and why do you need one? Well, think of a TM as the person that keeps a ship well-oiled and running smoothly, especially in a marketing or advertising agency environment. When media is placed, the TM will observe the specs. This could be the length (whether it’s 15 or 30 seconds, for example), the size of the print, if copy is needed, what production, if any, is needed, and more. Whether it’s a commercial for TV or a print ad, it goes through the TM first. They determine who is necessary for the project, create a timeline and organize priorities, and start handing out that information. This includes the production team, graphic designers, and the digital marketing department. Sometimes the information comes from an Account Executive and sometimes it comes from the client. Sometimes it’s both. Either way, everyone is knocking on the TM’s door.

The TM keeps all individuals on track and helps them stick to their deadlines. Do you need to prioritize your workload? Ask the TM. Do you need direction on a project? Ask the TM. Do you need a La Croix? Only ask when the TM has a new pack. It’s rude to take the last one.

When the work is completed, the TM will proof it and then approve it before sending it off to its final destination.

The TM is important because they talk to everyone at some point. The TM touches all clients, and that’s a lot to juggle. This means the TM is always aware of every project (past, present, and future) for every client, which keeps them in a constant state of jumping from project to project with wildly different subjects and needs. Likewise, the TM works with many different personalities and needs on a daily basis, so it takes great skill to adapt and evolve throughout the day. The TM position is busy, always changing, and always available. It’s also very necessary.

Well, now you know what a TM is and what they do. They’re an asset to any company that has clients, and we just happen to be lucky enough to have a pretty awesome one.



– Jordyn Walters

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