Baker Brothers Plumbing & Air


Baker Brothers Plumbing & Air



BBPA is a local home service company in the DFW area serving the metroplex with their plumbing needs since 1945. The company has experienced phenomenal growth throughout the years growing their original fleet of three trucks to over ninety today. In 2013, they expanded to include HVAC as a natural progression of their services.


Marketing Challenge:

TBS has been handling the advertising for Baker Brothers since 2010 focusing on building their share of voice in a highly competitive market.  It is imperative that our marketing strategy and tactics encompass not only their brand, but their core values of Trust, Quality and Care.  With their highly skilled technicians and the focus on premiere service, they are not the low budget provider.  Their target is a homeowner who wants assurance that they’re getting the best of the best and expect quality and durability from their home service provider.


Marketing Strategy:

Initially, Baker Brother’s advertising included a small media budget focused on one television station and encompassed radio endorsements on the sports talk in the market.  We were among the first in the market to implement a retail driven television strategy that allowed us to create :15 content running at a high frequency in early morning (6am-9am) with spots front loaded to air Mon-Tue.  This repetitive sequence in key early morning programming resonated with viewers and call volume increased at such a rate that additional efforts had to be put towards recruiting technicians to service the demand.  We stayed consistent with our messaging and developed creative that reiterated their core values.  We gradually expanded the plan to include additional stations still focusing on the retail strategy successfully employed with our original television schedule.  Endorsements with top-tiered talent increased credibility with the brand and allowed us to tap into their loyal following.  Eventually we incorporated the top-rated country station in the market which included an endorsement from one of their popular morning team personalities.  In addition, we began handling their social media efforts bringing innovative content to their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.



While Baker Brothers is more expensive than the competition, this has not deterred their growth.  Their image has been enhanced through strategic marketing and they are perceived as the best in terms of the services they provide.  Furthermore, all marketing efforts have endorsed their position as THE QUALITY provider.  Baker Brothers is known in the DFW market as the leader in plumbing services and is quickly emerging as a leader in the HAVAC industry as well.


In the span of seven years, we have more than doubled their Facebook likes to its current count of 21,565.  This is unheard of for a home services client.  We began to service them on all elements of their marketing plan providing insight and strategy into their customer retention plan, digital strategy and employee recruitment.  The relationship has grown into a symbiotic partnership where we are completely invested in the success of their brand.


We have seen revenue for the company grow over 20% year to year since 2010.  We utilize our full repertoire of services and resources to provide them exceptional service day in and day out.  We keep the lines of communication open and at any point in time they are able to reach a team member to help address their needs.  We are committed to providing seamless communication, transparency in our plans and budgets and foremost outstanding service.


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