Massage Envy DFW

Massage Envy DFW

Since its inception in 2002, Massage Envy has been providing services for individuals in need of therapeutic massage and skin care solutions. Their philosophy is built on the premise of practicing regular self-care and persuading individuals to schedule routine therapy as part of their body maintenance program. Customers are encouraged to purchase memberships that allow for monthly massages for a set fee. Additional massages can be scheduled as needed. The corporate team provides support for the local franchises operationally as well as advisement on marketing endeavors. The individual franchises form co-ops in their respective markets and are encouraged to pool their dollars towards a cohesive marketing plan. The co-ops are given the opportunity to hire their own marketing or advertising firm to address those needs. Beginning in 2008, we partnered with the DFW Co-op to manage their media strategy and marketing plan. We worked alongside the owners to understand the needs and goals of the co-op and help them achieve desired results. Additionally, we worked with corporate to ascertain that all media recommendations aligned with the brand.

Marketing Challenge:
In late 2008, Massage Envy Spa DFW was a small co-op with a budget of less than $400K and 22 clinics. Their challenge was to drive more prospects to their locations to purchase gift cards and enjoy an introductory massage. With little direction from the brand, the franchisees focused efforts primarily on local radio or print publications. However, there was no consistency to their marketing efforts and tactics lacked cohesion and could not be effectively tied back to the brand. It was important to build equity with their channel selections in order to maximize the value of the media spend. This required an integrated strategy that took into consideration not only the brand’s share of voice in the market, but their online presence as well. Radio could be utilized to build market share and SEO and social efforts could be optimized at a low cost to drive engagement with the brand.

Marketing Strategy:
With a limited budget, we exercised judicious stewardship of the media spend while addressing the goals of increased gift card sales and memberships. To deliver on all client initiatives, we proposed four strategies:
• Make the biggest impact possible with traditional broadcast during key gift card selling seasons.
• Begin a thorough testing process with smaller budgets to determine an optimal media mix.
• Leverage PR as a highly inexpensive yet effective way to garner earned media for Massage Envy while also building backlinks to support website indexing.
• Capitalize search marketing and social media efforts as inexpensive ways to guide intenders to the website and increase engagement.

To effectively reach our intended target, we recommended terrestrial radio on top rated stations. In lieu of generic branding spots, we proposed incorporating radio endorsements into the media plan during key holiday periods (Valentine’s, Mother’s Day and Christmas). Working with popular local personalities, we provided opportunities for the talent to engage with the brand by enrolling them as Massage Envy clients. Based on their favorable experiences, they shared their passion for the brand on-air. As part of their testimonial, they encouraged listeners to purchase gift cards and sample the services at one of the local clinics. The push was always to increase gift card sales, but as a secondary goal we always expected to increase memberships.

In addition to the traditional media plan, we also managed SEO and social for the client. Allocating dollars to each of these efforts was crucial to our integrated approach. In addition, earned media helped us to bring positive attention to the brand which also helped SEO efforts.

Over the years, the strategy evolved and was continually optimized as we determined the best media mix, carefully tracked and analyzed results, and worked in tandem with owners and regional directors. Awareness of Massage Envy grew considerably over the course of these campaigns, necessitating the need for more clinics and therapists. When we first began working with the brand, they had 22 clinics but grew to over 35 during our tenure. In addition to the attention we brought to the local franchises, we also grew their SEO and social presence considerably.

Below are key takeaways from our endeavors:
• The DFW regional website went from less than 5% search engine visibility to over 95%.
• The DFW Facebook page grew from its inception to over 24,000 fans with average 28 day engagement of more than 2,000.
• Website traffic grew from approximately 5,000 visits for the month of October 2010 to an estimated 24,000 visits in the month of October 2014.

As Massage Envy Spa locations grew, and the brand matured in the market, we were able to generate far more First Time Guests than the clinics could accommodate due to a shortage of Licensed Massage Therapists. As a result, we began working with the client to support hiring to meet the growing demands of their business.

Establishing ourselves as partners with the client enabled us to work in tandem with the owners and corporate office to create a highly successful campaign for Massage Envy. Our efforts were rewarded by observing the phenomenal growth of the brand and its position as a category leader in the metroplex for massage therapy.

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