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The Barber Shop Marketing is here to do one thing: Increase your sales. We do that by bringing a personal, creative and unique approach to your project. We’re about custom campaigns, not cookie-cutter programs. Our team is one step ahead. We don’t jump on the ‘bandwagon’ of someone else’s latest fad, instead we see what is coming and create new strategies that make your brand stand out.

We are dedicated to our craft and create with our clients in mind. The Barber Shop’s full service agency uses multi-faceted marketing strategies to help you sell using more tools, tactics and techniques than just advertising and promotions. Concept to delivery, we will fulfill all marketing and promotional needs. It’s what we do. We make you look good.

Micro-Influencers are on the rise for 2018. Are they right for you?

Let’s face it: getting an influencer to market your brand is not always easy. The big names, from celebrities to popular YouTubers and bloggers, are practically impossible to reel in. They are flooded with requests day by day from companies that are willing to pay top dollar for Kylie Jenner to promote their gummy bears. [...]

What Makes A Good Magazine Ad?

Magazines. Are they even a thing anymore? Do we do more than thumb through a celebrity gossip magazine as we wait to check out at the grocery store? I remember spending time at the store looking through magazines as a youngster and begging my mom to sign me up for Seventeen magazine because Leonardo DiCaprio […]

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What is Digital Marketing and Advertising – 101

What is digital marketing and advertising, you may ask? Simply put, it is advertising that is displayed digitally. You can find these forms everywhere, from billboards, smart phones, and ads on the internet. Their purpose is to reach as many consumers as possible. Businesses build their brand and/or market their services/product, all the while still […]

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