The Importance of Paid Advertising & Organic Social Media

Why each component in a social strategy is equally as important. Many businesses push paid social as their main point of social media …

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We’re Hiring an Account Coordinatior

Account Coordinator Position Role: Account Coordinator will work closely with the client service teams to support them in their everyday …

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We’re Hiring a SEO & Content Manager

The Role We are seeking an experienced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professional responsible for the SEO success of our client accounts. …

What’s So Important About Branding?

As advertisers, we help build a story for consumers to experience - something relatable, trustworthy, and maybe a little unusual. Every experience and message interpreted by the audience becomes an association that is difficult to undo once made, which leads us to detail why branding is vital to success. Brand Loosely Defined Imagine Batman without [...]

2020: A Year in Review

In 2020, The Barber Shop team set forth an ambition to find success in the details, celebrating small victories, and reaching the next level, 1% at a time. During the past year, this mindset kept our campaigns strong. Now, we dare to rewind 2020 and revisit the pivotal journeys our promotions, creative, sales, digital, and [...]

Humor in Advertising & Relationship Building

Associating a brand with a positive image takes work. Consistent, strategic, human work. Because of the detriment or leverage it can grant a brand, one of the most impressive displays of human connection in advertisements is humor. Still, many advertisers frequently skip out on that work by slapping some quick punchlines in their creative and [...]

How to Make the Most Out of Q4

2020 has taught us a lot, and to be honest, we’re still collectively learning and evolving how to navigate the uncertainty of our environment. That’s pretty much the defining feature of this year: Uncertainty. Under some circumstances, uncertainty cannot be so bad and even exciting depending on the context. Under the lens of 2020? Not [...]

Take Control of Online Reputation Management

Whether your brand services customers in their homes, promotes unique tourism experiences, offers products online, or delivers critic-raving cuisine, you need a strategy in place to engage and manage your brand’s reputation online. If you’re not currently managing this, or there’s not an effective, consistent strategy in place, it’s time to take control. What users [...]

Word of the Month: Pivot

Amidst the talk of the economy and markets, there is some creative problem solving happening that shouldn’t go unnoticed. Our new favorite word, or really the word that keeps forcing its way into every aspect of our projects, is pivot. While our agency went head-on into the eye of the storm these past few months, [...]

The Advertiser’s Dilemma

This period of indefinite recess is taking its toll on industries around the world, and organizations, whether they’re local or national, are starting to stir. The time to “play it by ear” has passed. Now, brands must determine whether or not to pull their advertising campaigns or push harder with pivoted messaging and lightening-speed shifts. [...]