To leverage the Live Nation Sponsorship through consumer engagements via exit sampling of the new Takis Fuego chips while raising brand awareness amongst Takis’ target demographics across the country.


  • TBS provided a fun, engaging bilingual team to interact and engage Live Nation concert goers across 6 markets in 4 states.
  • TBS activations consisted of an inside venue display where Brand Ambassadors invited concert attendees over to take part in various activities to win premiums. Activities included photo booths and games of skill.
  • Each activation also included exit sampling where Brand Ambassadors with Takis-branded bags handed out samples to attendees .
  • TBS used it’s proprietary fulfillment site to collect leads, and to track and control valuable premiums.


The TBS team successfully distributed more than 6,000 premiums over the 46 activations while simultaneously driving awareness and sales for Takis.